What is the Soil Secrets Protocol?

  1. TerraPro, the Carbon Matrix.  Is a black granular product that needs to be placed on the surface around the plant or transplant. TerraPro is sold in small homeowner bags or by the ton and you will need the whole ton to plant 2000 plants. 
  1. EndoMaxima, is a mycorrhizal fungi that helps plants uptake water and minerals from the soil.  It also protects plant roots from disease and from harmful parasitic nematodes.   While the best time to use EndoMaxima is while planting the seed before sowing, you can also dust the product onto the roots of your transplants. I use a spice or salt shaker to shake the dust onto the roots before planting.  One pound should be enough to do 2000 plants if you’re generous with the product.  
  1. Consortium BIOpack, is a blend of 20 species of beneficial soil bacteria, called a soil probiotic.  This product is 100 percent soluble in water.   It comes in a 50 gram packet, enough to treat one full acre.  Mix one pack with about 10 gallons of water and disperse the 10 gallons around each new transplant using a pump sprayer.  One pack with 10 gallons of water will treat an acre worth of transplants.  You need to spray the soil around the plant covering the same 1 foot radius you treated with the TerraPro Carbon Matrix, wetting the soil until its dripping wet. 
  1. Protein Crumblies, is food for the microbes, providing the amino acids that the microbes need to grow more microbes.  Apply one full handful of the granular protein onto the surface, placing the protein around the transplants.   Protein also provides all the Nitrogen needed to grow the crop, so don’t apply other sources of Nitrogen.

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