We are extremely excited about these products and the results they produce. As we move forward into the future using Soil Secrets products we hope to use these products not only on existing practice fields, game fields; but also on new grounds that are being built. As a grounds department we highly recommend anyone to use these products as they yield great results.  READ MORE
I commend you for speaking up and encourage you to keep leading by example.  There’s nothing like driving the point home via out yielding hot rod varieties with cheaper, less modern genetics; which also achieve, superior quality produce.   Keep Beating the Drum! READ MORE
Michael,  I use a lot more Terrapro Ag-Grade than recommended and it gives me  fantastic results.  Many other small farmers in the Phoenix area have commented “Why does your produce look so much better than mine?   READ MORE
See attached photos taken recently on Hwy 93 in Arizona where Soil Secrets products were used in the hydroseeding.  As expected the mix of native wildflowers germinated nicely and is now the greenest place around.  As you know, this site is brutally hot and dry, so anything growing successfully is a feather in our cap.  The hyper hydrophilic nature of the Humic Acids in TerraPro, which are also Supramolecular, plus the improved water uptake of plants because they’ve been made mycorrhizal, accounts for the instigation of sustainable vegetation and the eventual soil carbon sequestering that will take place on this site.  READ MORE
As a user of your products now going on year 3 and having experienced PHENOMENAL results in my gardens, let me say that I believe that you are doing the finest work in this critical field.  READ MORE
Valencia Tomatos14 feet tall tomato plants, grown with Soil Secrets products! SEE PICTURES
Enjoy the attached images taken recently in Arizona of Barley treated with our Supramolecular Humic Acids in TerraPro and inoculated with EndoMaxima mycorrhizal spores.    The plants with the larger root system are from the treated fields.   I or my staff did not take these pictures as it was the farmer who dug up the plants and photographed them. SEE PICTURES
In the high elevation arid desert of Northern Arizona, Kim has grown 2 – 3 inches of humus rich top soil in just 3 years using the products of Soil Secrets.  Today Kim has about 15 families benefiting from the food she grows on just 15,000 sq. ft. of formerly barren desert soils. READ MORE
I thought that you would like to know, we used your product, Earth Magic, in one of our flower beds and have seen a dramatic increase in the growth of the plants as well as the amount of blooms each flower has produced. There is a very visible difference in the beds that did not receive your product. I will definitely use it from now on. READ MORE
Soil Secrets does wonders for turfSuccess Stories Turf
This letter is written to thank you for introducing me to, Soil Secrets, your excellent soil health products.    Indigenous Solutions
I’ve attached photos of cotton production in Arizona, on a site that had serious salt problems. These photos show the dramatic affects of the Supramolecular Humic Acids, when we  treated with 2000 pounds per acre rate (Ag Grade TerraPro). This photo shows the cotton production increase with the total treatment. We were able to increase production by 70%! WOW!