Pedogenesis with Kim

In school we are told that it takes Mother Nature 100’s of years to grow an inch of top-soil, but with the science of Soil Secrets working with Nature’s plan, here’s evidence that we can get it done much faster. In the high elevation arid desert of Northern Arizona, Kim has grown 2 – 3 inches of humus rich top soil in just 3 years using the products of Soil Secrets. Today Kim has about 15 families benefiting from the food she grows on just 15,000 sq. ft. of formerly barren desert soils.

The secret is to prime the system by providing fortified humus full of mutualistic microbes including the mycorrhizae fungi and the associated Helper Bacteria. These are plant and soil microbes that over 63,000 papers of science have been published and make clear the benefits we claim. Click on Image for full size.
Pedogenesis Kim Soil 2
Pedogenesis Kim Garden