Midland Independent School District

My name is Craig Thames and I am the Grounds Foreman for the Midland Independent School District. This is my testimonial for the products that we used from Soil Secrets. This was the first year for us as a school district to use Soil Secrets products on our athletic fields. The products that we used were: Humus Based Soil Conditioner (humic acid), Endo Maxima Mycorrhizal, and Protein Crumblies. After applying these products we were able to see an amazing result. Our grass was greener and definitely thicker in nature. Our athletic fields were able to grow better choking out the weeds serving as a better weed control than in the past. Also our athletic fields seemed to stand up better to the rigors of a season long day in and day out practices. We are extremely excited about these products and the results they produce. As we move forward into the future using Soil Secrets products we hope to use these products not only on existing practice fields, game fields; but also on new grounds that are being built. As a grounds department we highly recommend anyone to use these products as they yield great results.