Highway 93 to Hoover Dam

See attached photos taken recently on Hwy 93 in Arizona where Soil Secrets products were used in the hydroseeding. As expected the mix of native wildflowers germinated nicely and is now the greenest place around. As you know, this site is brutally hot and dry, so anything growing successfully is a feather in our cap. The hyper hydrophilic nature of the Humic Acids in TerraPro, which are also Supramolecular, plus the improved water uptake of plants because they’ve been made mycorrhizal, accounts for the instigation of sustainable vegetation and the eventual soil carbon sequestering that will take place on this site. Click on images for larger view.

Highway 93 Treated close-up (TP + Myco)
Highway 93 wildflower seeds treated with TP & Myco