Reblooming Bearded Iris Bernice’s Legacy

Deep Red Iris - Bernice's Legacy!

No garden would be complete without Tall Bearded Irises.

Bernice’s Legacy blooms after the Dwarf Irises and before the Japanese and Siberian Irises. While most Iris’s bloom only in the early summer, these re-blooming Iris’s bloom again in the fall; making them great accent plants for multi-season use!

Bernice’s Legacy reaches new standards with its deep red crimson color and large blooms! 

Bernice’s Legacy is one of the most eye catching of iris blooms, with bronze and golden tipped beards, above lush deep red petals.

The cinnamon tiger stripes followed by cascading garnet falls make this a gorgeousness ornamental! 

This is an exceptionally strong plant that can handle full sunlight or partial shade. 


Now Available at Trees That Please Nursery!

$7.99 each or $29.99 for 4!