Arizona Cypress

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Arizona Cypress



Cupressus arizonica

  • Zone: 6
  • Height: 40′-50′, 25′-30′ spread
  • Growth: 13–24″ per year.
  • Native southwestern cypress with aromatic gray-green needles
  • This evergreen has a dense, cone-shaped crown that tends to be more upright when young and more spreading with age.
  • It is very drought and heat tolerant once it is established.
  • It grows best in sunny sites with well drained soil.
  • For windbreaks 6-foot spacing in rows is recommended

Arizona Cypress (Cupressus arizonica) is a New Mexico Native. Arizona Cypress is a fast-growing evergreen reaching 40′ and 20′ wide. It is ideal for creating windbreaks and screens because of it’s dense foliage.   Pyramidal in shape with color varying from blue, blue-green, to green. Seeds are found in cones that open after wildfires. Low to regular water. Hardy to USDA Zone 6.

Size: 2 gal pot

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