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    A soil conditioner is a product which is added to soil to improve the soil’s physical qualities such as the structure, the porosity, its water holding potential, and its ability to provide nutrition.
  • Soil Food

    Soil Food (1)

    A soil food is a product which is added to the soil with the objective of feeding the community of soil microbes including the bacteria, the mycorrhizal fungi and the larger animals of the soil such as earth worms. Soil Food needs to be composed of nutritional calories of protein (not empty calories such as sugar) in order to provide the building blocks of all life which are the amino acids.
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    Protein Crumblies – Soil Food


    Protein Crumblies – The building blocks of all life are Amino Acids. Protein Crumblies is our way of providing the correct quality of Amino Acids that can help build the soil biota and provide Amino Acids as part of the Nitrogen budget of plants.

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    TerraPro – Soil Activator


    Balances your soil, supporting optimum Soil Health

    Healthy Soil is essential if you are attempting to grow a healthy garden, a healthy lawn or a farm crop. Everything that’s good that must happen in the soil depends on the right amount of water and oxygen in the soil along with a healthy diversity of beneficial microbes. Minerals in the soil are unlocked by the combination of water, oxygen and microbes which help plants get the nutrition needed from the soil.

    Use the .12 cubic foot pail (6 pounds) for treating 200 sq ft. For larger areas use our .6 cubic foot bag for treating 1000 sq ft. Top dress and water in.

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