Texas Red Oak


Quercus buckleyi

  • Landscape Size: 40′ tall and 30′ wide
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Uses: Shade Tree, Fall Color
  • Heat Tolerance: High
  • Water: Low-medium water.
  • Growth: 24”-48” per year
  • Zone 4-10.

A beautiful Shade Tree with spreading branches.
Found on dry alkaline limestone and neutral to slightly acid gravels, sands, hills and ridges.
The foliage turns bright shades of vivid red and orange in autumn.

Deep roots, Long-lived. Tolerates extremely dry desert conditions but will grow faster if given deep regularly watering and if soils are improved with the help of Soil Secrets.
There is a close relationship between Texas Red Oak and Shumard Oak. Shumard oak (Quercus shumardii) is very similar, but Shumard oak acorns are usually larger with a shallow cup and the leaves often have broader lobes.

Texas Red Oak (Quercus buckleyi)  is a West Texas Native. It can have annual growth of 2′ – 4′ per year ultimately reaching 40′ tall and 25′ wide. Deep roots. Long-lived. Brilliant red-maroon fall color. Chocolate colored leaves often hang on tree through winter. Low to regular water. Best in well-drained soils, tolerates clay. Zone 4.