Pink Easter Lily Cactus

Echinopsis eyriesii)
is a native of Brazil and Argentina in South America. In our area it is grown as a houseplant as it is only hardy to USDA zone 9. Left outside to overwinter and it will die. This cactus has a rounded cylindrical growth form like those of barrel cacti.

The Pink Easter Lily Cactus is very easy to grow. Place it in a sun filled room with any with bright light. Water only occasionally as overwatering may cause root rot and death of your cactus.

This cactus produces numerous “pups” or smaller rounded stem segments that can be detached and rooted. It is a slow growing cactus reaching 12” to 15” tall after 25 – 30 years.

In the nursery we have learned that we can induce flowering but not watering it for a period of 6 – 8 weeks. We usually stop watering and January 1st and resume watering on February 14th. Spectacular elongated Pink Flowers appear in early to late spring.