Fescue Blend

Acre Rate: 430lbs.1000sq feet: 10lb.
$3.99/lb. (25lb bag = $87.50) (50lb bag = $160)

  • Special formulation of great-performing, compatible tall fescues fit together to create a beautiful, yet durable and hardy lawn.
  • With its natural dark-green color and fine-leaved texture, deep roots, natural pest and disease resistance, and self-repairing rhizomes
  • L.C. Tall Fescue Blend should provide you with many years of beauty and durability.
  • Traffic Tolerant
  • Fast Establishing
  • Ideal for Sun & Shade
  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Excellent Pest Resistance
  • Attractive, Deep Green Color
  • Very Drought and Heat Tolerant