Euphorbia cactiformis

Euphorbia cactiformis is a low maintenance and low water houseplant that is native to Africa. It is an indoor cactus due to our cold winters as it is only hardy to about 25°F. It will thrive in a room with bright light, either in full or indirect sun.  Euphorbia cactiformis grows as an evergreen shrub to 6′ – 10’ tall and wide. Its stems are thick and green with the occasional short spine.

It can be pruned as needed as a short shrub or let it grow to your ceiling as a small tree. With just the right pruning it can quite be the artistic masterpiece.

As a Euphorbia this plant will ooze white latex when its branches are cut or broken. Latex is an irritant to mucous membranes. Larger specimens need to be grown in containers suitable to support their weight.