Equestrian Blend

Acre Rate: 25-30lbs. 1000sq feet: 5lb.
 $5.90/lb.  (25lb bag = $138.75) (50lb bag = $250)

  • Equestrian Blend is a permanent pasture tailored to a horse’s nutritional needs.
  • It provides a high quality, fine stemmed forage that is high in protein and is endophyte free.
  • Equestrian Blend is adapted to a wide range of elevations and provides grazing from early spring to fall with proper management.
  • High quality pasture that provides excellent browsing and balanced nutrition.
  • 20% Orchardgrass
  • 40% Smooth Bromegrass
  • 15% Timothy
  • 10% Perennial Ryegrass
  • 10%  Alfalfa
  • 5% Clover