Bald Cypress


Taxodium distichum

  • Landscape Size: 60 to 70’ feet tall and 25 to 30’ feet wide
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Foliage: Deciduous
  • Uses: Shade Tree, Specimen Tree, Fall Color
  • Heat Tolerance: High
  • Water: Medium-High water.
  • Growth: 36”-60”
  • Zone 4-9.

Beautiful orangish-red
fall foliage.
Fast grower!
Thrives in wet conditions!

If you want a tree your great-great-great grandchildren can enjoy, this is the tree for you. Can live up to 700 years old, but these are fast growers so you don’t have to wait that long for shade!

Also known as Texas Redwood, long-lived, pyramidal conifer.
Soft narrow leaves that are delicate and feathery. Scented cones. Adapted to cold dry climates but thrives in wet environments. Can grow up to 100-ft tall. Leaves turn bright orange-amber in fall before dropping. Loves extremely wet conditions (Lawns, riverbanks).