Love Plants But Think They Require Too Much Care?

Not all plants require a great deal of care!

If you love plants but think they are just too hard to care for – then Trees That Please Nursery can help!

Consider an Indoor Succulent  as they are easy to care for and do not require constant fusing about the water. In fact, they prefer to be watered infrequently. We suggest that after you water them let the soil dry before watering again. They do not require a constantly moist or wet soil to thrive. In addition, if you can provide a bright room or window then a succulent might be right for your home or office space. Succulents are great house plants for people who are away from the home alot since they do not need to be constantly moist!

Come into the nursery and consider the many succulent varieties we propagate. We have large and small varieties, plain or fancy containers, green as well as multi-colored varieties.

Consider a succulent house plant as a gift for the upcoming holiday season!