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Soil Secrets Products in Agriculture

In recent years farms have suffered many maladies that are damaging the farmer’s ability to make a profit.  Pressure from soil disease, parasitic nematodes, soil salting caused by poor irrigation quality or by fertilizers, soil collapse damaging drainage, poor root growth caused by tight soils and poor nutrient density caused by depleted soil.  At Soil Secrets we are certain that many if not all of these problems can be resolved if the farmer has a good ‘biological soil management plan’ and our products can play an essential role in that plan.

Soil Secrets has available for farming, mine reclamation, erosion control projects and for home owners, the finest quality compost, worm castings, liquid organic nutrients, soil Pro-Biotics and organic fertilizers, all useful tools for the toolbox.  While we manufacture many products    useful for the purpose of fixing damaged soil or improving the production yield of a farm, our research has focused in recent years on the discovery and development of two important materials.   A Mycorrhizal product, that has a high enough spore count (per pound of product) that the spore count per acre of treated ground is significant and will work.    Our other priority in R & D are  Humic Acid products, that really contain Humic Acids.  We’ve done the only definitive molecular analysis research ever performed on Humic Acids and the three active fractions called Humin, Humic and Fulvic acids, where we performed molecular research at the National Laboratories of the United States.  We selected the National Laboratories for this project because they are the only  two facilities on earth that have the equipment and the ability to purify from a soil sample the Humic Acids without damaging them, necessary before you can do the next step of analysis.  Before we could know if we’ve been successful in formulating an agriculture input that contains as its prime active ingredient the Humic Acids, we needed to know what the molecular characteristics of Humic Acids found in soil looked like and how they worked!  We’ve done that research and can now say with 100% accuracy that our product called Agriculture Grade TerraPro contains as an active ingredient Humic Acids that are Supramolecular and which are identical to those found in soil.   Before we conducted our research at the National Laboratories, we and the industry could only depend on university and commercial soil labs to perform rough estimates of the Humic content of a soil additive or the soil itself. The results of such tests are flawed because the testing method used are not standardized and not accurate; analogous to looking through a chain-link fence at a car and trying to determine what the horsepower is, what’s the fuel economy, and if the car even runs.  The old methods used cannot get past the chain-link fence, but at Soil Secrets we did!

There’s lots of published research found in journals of science that reinforce the science that Humic Acids are extremely important in a healthy and productive soil, however not a single university or commercial company on earth had or currently has the ability to measure the functionality or the species structure of the Humic Acids, so products being sold that claim to contain Humic Acids don’t have any evidence to that effect.  We Do and Ours Work!

If you would like to explore the idea of using our Mycorrhizal fungus inoculums and Humic Acids, please let us know.

Soil Secrets LLC is a formulator and manufacturer of soil amendments & technical biologic materials used in agriculture, mine reclamation and erosion control.  We are one of the few product lines that also cross over into  Home & Garden, so that homeowners can benefit from our expertise and fine products that work.  Our products are used to instigate the biological process of better plant nutrition, buffering of toxic soil chemistry and priming the process of soil carbon sequestering resulting in the building of top soil.   This use of our products improves and can even jump start the Bio-Geo-Chemical process of plant nutrient uptake and soil formation.

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